Gwen Hendrix left her work life of 33 years building helicopters to pursue a career in art. She captures movement and flow using paint, mixed media, and surface design methods on fabric and paper. Abstract imagery and forms evolve as the process of her work unfolds. Hendrix has studied with Graziella Patrucco de Solodow, Debi Pendell, Elizabeth Busch, Elin Noble and Jane Dunnewold. Her work is published in Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Personal Stories for Encouraging Artistic Genius by Jane Dunnewold. She is a graduate of Dunnewold’s 2015 Art Cloth Mastery Program, and is a full-time studio artist at the NEST Arts Factory in Bridgeport, CT.

Artist Statement

The discovery of a new visual process, with one experience leading to the next, makes the creative journey itself my passion.


Evoking an energy that flows from within, the visual dimension of my work is created through the creative process, as forms and abstract imagery evolve. Creating depth and transparency using paint, mixed media elements, and surface design techniques on fabric and paper, I capture movement and flow that sing with vibrant color.